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Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro

UN road-trip

A news feature videogame

UN road-trip is an attempt to demonstrate a merger of the principles of newsgames and characteristics of news features, creating a proposed new subtype: news feature games.

Players can drive a Jeep along a road which takes them through UN history. News clips playing from the radio give information on highlights from that year. Signs and billboards along the road indicate the year and show images of events from that year. An SOS sign with progress bar indicates the number of battle deaths in the world from that year. Bombs go off along the road that represent vetoes cast by the P5 countries on proposed UN resolutions that year. The project is a prototype for level one of three covering the years 1946 to 1970.

UN road-trip
UN road-trip

The news feature game serves as a civic communications tool for investigating the extent to which a videogame is a suitable medium for showing several different types of data and information in an engaging and more interactive way than with other types of media. It also gives the opportunity to research whether it can afford a new perspective on political and social issues.

Play the game here: https://katbotazz.itch.io/un-road-trip