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Xiaojie Lin


You are not in Chaos.

In our digital age, we are becoming more and more reliant on reinforcement from technology to tell us how we "should" feel and what we "should" need and care about. Don't know which product to choose? The online shop will give us opinions based on our preference using AI technology. But it is a sloppy and irresponsible way to find answers to questions only from the technology. In fact, only our internal emotions and feelings can truly guide us towards the answers to all the questions.

In my concept, this game uses technology as a medium to inspire people to rethink about their own emotional statement which can help them understand themselves. The main thing is to aim on internal emotion rather than the outside world, and to feel the outside through the deep understanding and experience of innermost being.

Players can have an immersive experience in the virtual 3D world. The changes of graphics, music and color in this virtual world embody the unpredictable and powerful emotions as well as their great impact on people.